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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dating Tips, Part One

Just because it came up recently...

A couple tips for your first date from a date I went on a few years back.
1) Do not wait until you have pulled into the parking lot of the place you want to take the girl to ask her. Even a 30 minute advance warning is worth it.
2) Don't bring your little sister.
3) Do not bring your date back to your place toshow your date nude sketches of little Japanese schoolgirls.


MD FIlm Fest Plug

Happy Passover to all my Tribe members out there.

A bit of a plug today.

I firmly believe in art. Art of all sorts. But films rate pretty high on my list. They're fun and enlightening, if sone right, that is. And no one does so many as right as the MD Film Festival. If you're going to be in the MD area anytime during May 5-8, GO TO THE FEST. Hopefully, I'll be there volunteering and you can spot me and give some love. I looked at their schedule and they have some great shit showing this year. This is not the crappy film festival of your college. They show quality, intellectual, fantastic films. It's just a fun place to be ni general. Everyone should attend a film festival of this caliber at least once, especially if your don't have the resources to get to, say, Sundance. ;-)

So, yes, go to the MD Film Fest. Charles Theatre in Baltimore. Click the link above and check out the scheduling and related info.

And while you're there, check out the rest of Baltimore. They call it Charm City for a reason.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Loose Ends...

I was gonna talk about Queer issues. I don't know why, it just happens to be my topic of the moment. But I want to get this out.
I know a new Pope was instated. It's pretty big event. I wanted to say something about it. Honestly, I did. But I'm not going to. You know why?
Because I have nothing to say.
I'm Jewish. The only way this really involves me is his relations with Jews and Israel. And as of now, he doesn't really seem to have a solid policy on any of that yet. So when he does, I'll post. Until then, all you crazy Catholics have fun.
You can still do that, right?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Making A Safe Zone From A Red Zone

So, last night the Hillel here held a Safe Zone program. (Congrats to Josh Rabin for that, btw.) I think it was due time for that program, too. The Safe Zone Program deals with learning to make a place more accepting toward the LGBTQ community. I'm not saying that the Hillel here is a hotbed of anti-gay activity. However, I am saying that it was about time that the issue was addressed. We had a good turnout for it, about 60 people from ALL backgrounds. It was a short program, not everything that really needed to be addressed was able to be brought up. We could really do well with a follow-up program, to tie up the loose ends an whatnot.
Anyhow, one statement at the program really stuck out at me, filling with both disappointment and great hope. At the end, we discussed the current climate at Hillel and ways to improve it. One member spoke up and said "I thought I was going to say something that was really good about us, but I'm starting to think that's it's really not. I was going to talk about how we had this solid 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' thing going on here."
And that was disturbing. That was WHY we needed a Safe Zone program at Hillel. The fact that people aren't comfortable enough to come out in Hillel. This "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy indicates that people on both sides are fiercely uncomfortable with the acceptance climate at the Hillel here. The "Q Jews," as we've affectionately named ourselves, should not have to hide in the Hillel like some dirty secret. LGBTQ or not, we're Jews and we deserve the same love, respect, and openness that straight Jews enjoy.
However, as disturbing as the comment was, it was also a bit hopeful. At least he realized that what he thought was a good policy, wasn't. At least he realized something was wrong.

So, the short summary? We aren't there yet, but at least we're going to start trying.


Veggie Madness

Stop making fun of vegetarians.

Really, I'm serious. Stop. It's old. It's stupid. It's ignorant.

Vegetarians have made a socially and enviromentally conscious decision to refrain from eating meat. I cannot understand for the life of me why that pisses people off so much. To refrain from eating animals because of compassion or morals or ecological or health reasons is not "wussy."

If you're going to complain about some of the zealots out there who overly preach their posititon, then you should be bitching about their overbearing personality. Most vegetarians are well-balanced, intelligent people.

I'm tired of people waving meat in my face and teasing me. I'm tired of having to defend my life choices at every turnpoint.

I'm tired of hearing about meat being a "man food." I'm tired of being called a "tree-hugging, communist, hippie." I'm tired of people trying to tell me about the "food chain."

I don't whine about you eating meat, so stop your pansy-ass whining at me.

If you wanna bitch, go bitch at the homophobes or the conservatives.