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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Veggie Madness

Stop making fun of vegetarians.

Really, I'm serious. Stop. It's old. It's stupid. It's ignorant.

Vegetarians have made a socially and enviromentally conscious decision to refrain from eating meat. I cannot understand for the life of me why that pisses people off so much. To refrain from eating animals because of compassion or morals or ecological or health reasons is not "wussy."

If you're going to complain about some of the zealots out there who overly preach their posititon, then you should be bitching about their overbearing personality. Most vegetarians are well-balanced, intelligent people.

I'm tired of people waving meat in my face and teasing me. I'm tired of having to defend my life choices at every turnpoint.

I'm tired of hearing about meat being a "man food." I'm tired of being called a "tree-hugging, communist, hippie." I'm tired of people trying to tell me about the "food chain."

I don't whine about you eating meat, so stop your pansy-ass whining at me.

If you wanna bitch, go bitch at the homophobes or the conservatives.



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