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Friday, August 03, 2007

oh teh n0ez! I R not funny!

I hadn't gotten any flames for so long, I was starting to feel a bit cold. But as luck would have it, the blog gods granted me a flamer of the particularly obnoxious type on my previous review.
Let's have a look, shall we?
The flame, in its entirety. Plus a little spice from yours truly.

Anonymous said...
(Ahhhh, yes. The pansy-ass coward who won't even take responsibility for his remarks. I should TOTALLY respect this guy.
Hey, Anonymous; at least I had the balls to attach my name to my opinions.)

That was honestly the worst review I have ever read half of.
(At least I watched the whole movie before I made my opinion on it. And I read your whole comment before making my opinion that you are a jackass.)

The worst thing any one can say about a movie is that it was accidentaly funny.
(No, the worst thing anyone can say about a movie is "It made me vomit up my internal organs and for a brief moment, I smelled flesh burning, and heard children screaming, men gnashing their teeth, and the sun was blocked from the sky." But I like to save those gems for Dungeons&Dragons.)

Do you honsetly think you sence of humor is better of more suffisticated then any in voled with superbad?
(I don't think I ever claimed that. MY sense of humor wasn't in question. However, your "sence" of spelling and grammar is a whole other problem. I'm not sure I even really understood that sentence.
Let me give you some advice- if you can't spell "sophisticated", you probably aren't an authority on it.)

And people were worried about the state of public education!

Listen, I don't make any claims to my sense of humor. The point of the review wasn't to be funny; frankly, I wasn't even trying to be funny. The point of the review was to review the movie, any semblance of humor is simply incidental to my writing style. And I don't care if Superbad is your "new fave movie 4evar LOLZ", you're welcome to name your firstborn after it. But if you're getting all defensive just because "oh teh n0ez! teh interweb grrl sed bad thingz! boohoo!", then you might be overcompensating for something.
In any case, it's hardly a reason to be bugging me.

Anonymous Brandee said...

Good for people to know.

5:38 PM  

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