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Thursday, April 28, 2005

MD FIlm Fest Plug

Happy Passover to all my Tribe members out there.

A bit of a plug today.

I firmly believe in art. Art of all sorts. But films rate pretty high on my list. They're fun and enlightening, if sone right, that is. And no one does so many as right as the MD Film Festival. If you're going to be in the MD area anytime during May 5-8, GO TO THE FEST. Hopefully, I'll be there volunteering and you can spot me and give some love. I looked at their schedule and they have some great shit showing this year. This is not the crappy film festival of your college. They show quality, intellectual, fantastic films. It's just a fun place to be ni general. Everyone should attend a film festival of this caliber at least once, especially if your don't have the resources to get to, say, Sundance. ;-)

So, yes, go to the MD Film Fest. Charles Theatre in Baltimore. Click the link above and check out the scheduling and related info.

And while you're there, check out the rest of Baltimore. They call it Charm City for a reason.

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