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Thursday, May 05, 2005

How CH picks her topic and more Queer issues...

Listen, I'm not gonna lie about how my posts get written up. I get bored, I hit yahoo.com, and I check the news headlines. I look at them until something jumps out at me and I say, "I bet I could pull out enough shit about that topic to justify a post." And then I process it, add my secret blend of herbs and spices and pass the savings on to you, the reader.

So, today's topic is more on Queer issues. Recently, a march was held at Independence Hall to honor the 40th anniversary of one of the earliest, if not the first, Gay Rights protests. Of course, some whiney Christian Conservative group had to get pissy about it. Enter 'Focus on Family,' a group that opposes gays based on scripture.
Listen, I disagree. I certainly understand where they are getting their "source" from, but I disagree. And I will talk more about that in a future post. You can count on it.
However, this post has to do with the statement made by Focus' Director of Public Policy, Thomas Minnery:
"There are thousands of people who have left homosexuality, including some on our staff. To say that one is born that way obviously flies in the face of facts."

Listen, I got no interest in arguing whether same-sex attraction is nurture or nature. In either case, the end result is, you're gay. Period. But the real statement I want to make here is:
Nurture or Nature, it's still not a CHOICE.
No one CHOOSES to be gay. No one chooses to enter a lifestyle filled with persecution and fear. I think a lot of people are under-exposed to the constant discrimination that the LGBTQ community faces every day. No one chooses a lifestyle where their marriages are questionable, where they can't adopt children, where their very moral fabric is under constant scrutiny.

The idea that people "leave" being gay begs the question "Are they simply repressed?" Are they so tired of being told they're going to hell, that they're child-molesters, that they are second-class citizens, that they cannot feel love the way that other straight people can, that makes them want to repress their own desires for a shot at acceptance?

Cruel Hazel says that's an issue to think about.

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