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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why the Media Makes Baby Jesus Cry

When I say that I don't trust the media, I mean I don't trust the MEDIA. That means ANY media, including the liberal/independent media, as well as the mainstream media. They both have their issues. In general, the same issues, just in different forms. The mainstream media is overly influenced by outside factors. The fact of the matter is that these networks like Fox, CNN, NBC, etc; all rely on advertising. Pissing off the corporate sponsors is a no-no. They're pretty much walking on eggshells all the time, especially on controversial issues. Not to mention that they don't want to piss off their viewers, the reason they're even getting advertising. Sadly, there are a lot of ignorant, but strongly opinionated people out there. They may not be fully educated on the issue, but by golly, they have an OPINION on it and how dare some fancy-pants anchorperson tell them they're wrong. Not to mention the boobs in the White House Press Corps who are literally being told what to say. Sadly, you can't report what you don't know and in the case of the White House, you don't know unless they tell you.

Unless, of course, you turn hearsay into truth.

So, this brings me to the liberal media.

Wake up and smell the coffee, kids.

The independent/liberal media is lying to you, too.

Just because they tell you something different doesn't make it true. A lie can take may forms and the facts misconstrued in thousands of ways. The liberal media is just another group of people writing to an audience in order to get more viewers/readers. I've seen completely untrue rumors be taken as fact as the liberal media. And I believe in helping the less fortunate, truly I do. However, the liberal media will take the side of the underdog in EVERY instance, even if the "underdog" is wrong. What the liberal media must realize is that sometimes the minority is wrong. Sometimes, the government DOES do the right thing! There's more than two sides to every issue. There's often a third party that the independent media will completely marginialize. The liberal media needs to start taking journalistic integrity more seriously and provide a truly unbiased report of the news around them and to stop writing to the angry college-hippies with not enough to do with themselves.

Now, I'll admit, I sounded a bit hard on the liberal media and maybe not hard enough on the mainstream. I used to be an avid follower of independent media until I opened my eyes to realize that they kept trying to tell me the same conspiracy theories over and over again.. And I think the problems with mainstream media is pretty obvious.

So you have to realize, just because it's scandalous, doesn't make it true. Research news for yourself. Trust no media. They're just several paths to lies.

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