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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fag Hag

I am a fag hag. I am a HELL of a fag hag. If fag hagging was a profession, I'd be pulling in a six digit salary.
For those of you unaware, a fag hag is pretty much a girl who hangs out with gay boys way too much. I LOVE being a fag hag. Why? There are so so so many reasons.
For instance, there's no pressure or tension in the gay man/fag hag relationship. In most straight guy/ girl friendships, there's always some sort of sexual tension on at least one of the sides. In most girl/girl frienships, there's always an element of competitiveness, of cattiness. In the gay man/fag hag relationship, there's no sexual tension and there's no competitiveness because you're not trying to impress the same people.
I personally love being a fag hag for one reason, though.
I get to hang out with a bunch of pretty boys all day. They aren't attracted to me, but it's ok because it's NOT MY FAULT! They're gay!

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