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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Has anyone used a dictionary recently?

There is a 'demonstration' of sorts going on at my campus right now. There's a huge display put on by the Genocide Awareness Project on a major section of the campus graphically comparing abortion with genocide campaigns such as the Holocaust, Rwanda, the lynchings of African-Americans, and so forth.
A desperate plea to GAP-

Please please please get the hell off my campus.

There's no bullshitting here, ok? Everyone knows my stance on the whole debate. I'm vehemently pro-choice. I believe abortion is a horrible thing, but it's not up to the law to decide, it's up to the women.
But my views on choice aren't what this post is about.
Whether or not I'm pro-choice, that display is hideously offensive to me.
Because they are exploiting my ancestry. They are marginalizing my heritage for their own purposes. And that is WRONG.
Six million of my Jewish ancestors were systematically and brutally killed in the Holocaust. How dare they exploit that?
The Holocaust, Rwanda, lynchings... they were all racially driven! They all happened because a group of people said "Hey, we really hate those people! They're different than us!" Abortion isn't about that. In the Holocaust, Hitler systematically murdered Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and so forth because he hated them. They were different. He went after ALL of them. All fully alive human beings.
This is simply not the same as abortion. Pro-choice people do not go around going "Look! A pregnant woman! Let's go suck out the fetus!" NO! No pro-choice person sees abortion as anything but a last option. We do not go searching out for pregnant women to give abortions to. We don't force them to have it. We do not hate fetuses!
And despite the obvious differences, GAP still thinks it's ok to make false analogies.
Well, it's not.
So get the fuck off my campus, assholes.

Blogger Imad said...

which campus is this?

3:57 AM  

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