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Monday, November 15, 2004

Broken Saints

I'll be honest, I'm trying to do my best to avoid writing about personal stuff, but this is rather important and it deserves a plug.
Everyone's views are based on something, are influenced by someone. Mine are influenced by many many things and many many people. But among them is a certain man who truly helped shaped my view on social theories. His name is Brooke Burgess. He is the writer/director of an online animated novel series called Broken Saints. It's an avant-garde flash animation series, truly beautiful and thrilling. I had the pleasure of being contacted by him about 3 and a half years ago. I had seen his website, dropped a note on his guestbook saying how much I had enjoyed it and, boom, three hours later, I received an IM from him complimenting me on my writing that he had seen on a website of mine.
Thus began a beautiful relationship.
We had many a late-night conversation and I have saved every piece of correspondence between the two of us. We spoke of the basic nature and driving forces of mankind. We spoke philosophy, sociology, politics. We disagreed many times, but there was always a mutual respect. He was a true mentor and influence on my life and I feel that's it's only appropriate that I allow a plug for a man that affected my life so greatly.

So, Brooke, here's to you.


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