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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Day Is Upon Us

Tomorrow is the big day. The Presidential Election. The day we decide who will be the focus of our scandals for the next 4-8 years. The day we choose, as many put it, 'the lesser of the two evils.'
And I can't help but think that's pretty damn sad to have that sort of mentality.
Think back, way back, before the vicious Republican/Democrat wars. Think back to that very first president we had. George Washington, remember him? He didn't become president because he was the 'lesser of evils', he became our leader because he deserved it. When did the freedom to choose our leader devolve into the chore of picking our impending doom? Is it voter apathy? Is it corrupt politicians? Is it a vicious cycle of one leading to the other leading to the other?
It is time to reclaim our politicians and reclaim our rights. We must vote to be heard. We must lobby to change. We must learn about our RIGHTS to truly understand.

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