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Sunday, November 21, 2004

United Theocracy of America

A lot of assumptions are made involving a lot of my personal views. For instance, my stance on abortion and gay marriage. People are quick to say, "Oh, you believe what you believe because you're a liberal."
Not really.
I'm a liberal BECAUSE I believe what I believe.
I know I've discussed my views on abortion and gay marriage before, but indulge me once again.
People are quick to say "Oh, you're a liberal, non-Catholic woman, of course you're pro-choice." or moreso "Oh, you're bi, of course you're pro-gay marriage."
But if you've been reading carefully, you'd notice my standpoint is slightly different than the typical libertarian. I'm not "pro-abortion," but I am "pro-choice." I'm pro-gay marriage because I'm not pro-any marriage. (See "Ban Marriage" 11/11/04.) I don't hold these views because I'm a liberal, I hold them because I believe in one thing more than anything else in law.
The separation of Church and State.
The entire pro-life stance is a based on the Catholic standpoint that life begins at conception. The anti-gay marriage standpoint, and a great deal of anti-gay standpoints, is based on Christian or hyper-religious standpoints. We are granted freedom of religion here in the states, but we are also granted freedom FROM religion. We must fight against the eventually evolution of our country into a veritable Christian theocracy, even more of a threat under the Bush administration.

I don't believe what I believe because of my own beliefs, I believe them because I believe the beliefs are my OWN.
And my own, alone.

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nicely said. can you copy and paste these entries into your xanga?

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