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Monday, November 08, 2004

A letter to governor Robert Ehrlich

Dear Governor Bob Ehrlich,

Stop fucking with my education.

No, really, I'm serious. Pull up your pants and stop raping higher education funding.

In case you weren't aware, at 6:15 this evening, a large group of University of Maryland College Park students rallied on the McKeldin Mall and begged you to stop cutting our funding. We NEED that money. We are Maryland's flagship school and you're just bending us over and making us your bitch. Why the HELL are you cutting are funding? We have the sixth highest tuition in the COUNTRY for a public university. And now you want to cut funding and raise tuition? Most of us aren't like you. WE didn't get to go to Princeton on a free ride. Parents are barely scraping together tuition and housing, kids are working to get through college and you want to screw them over with tuition hikes?

You are one cold hearted bastard.

Maybe you're not aware, but not only are we an excellent school education-wise, but we are an excellent addition to Maryland. We create jobs. For every dollar that is invested into the University, it comes back six-fold. You whine that you want more educated workers? Then why the hell are you cutting back on funds? Where in the name of all that is good and holy do you think education comes from?!

We have lost professors and teachers, we are losing our edge in technology, we are losing educational departments, we've had to cut back on dining hall hours, we can't renovate our shitty dorms, most of which don't even have AIR CONDITIONING, and we're losing funding for our student organizations.
We NEED that money.
And may I add, we're pissed.

Guess what. We have a shitload of voters here. And we won't stand for it. We will put the pressure on you. And in two years, we will kick your pasty ass out of office.
When you're taking it out to fuck higher education, we're going to grab you by the balls. And I assure you, we will be full ready to twist.

So in conclusion:
Please stop fucking with us.

Cruel Hazel

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