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Friday, May 13, 2005

Chivalry is NOT Dead

This is quick and simple. I was reading DC Bachelor, what with how it amuses me so, (he's sensible and he cooks. Hallelujah!), and I finally clicked on the link to the Cleveland Park Men's Club blog. If you are male, especially if you are still on the dating scene, GO VISIT. It is the smartest thing you will ever damn well do. They go from the ground up on how to behave around women. And as much as most guys like to assume that they don't have to do anything 'chivalrous', what with the permeation of feminism into society, I got news for you, most girls will KILL for a guy who will open the door for women and will walk on the correct side of the sidewalk. Having a sense of gentlemanliness and grace is almost a lost art and I will be delighted if CPMC manages to bring it back.
I miss classy guys, dammit.
So go! GO! GO! GO!

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