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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Most Ghetto Rigging of Them All

So every now and then, I feel like I should get a chance to post stuff about my own life that isn't necessarily socio-political.
Because it's my blog.

Anyhow, for anyone in the DC/College Park area, my alternative/experimental/low-budget theatre group, Weekday Players, is doing Rumours by Neil Simon in Tawes. May 4th and 5th. 7:30. See the link for details.
Anyhow, I'm taking a break from acting in this show, spare the one voice cameo at the end, and instead, I'm stage managing with my favoritest flatmate of them all, Toby.

So, some of the stuff I do is help put up the scenery. We're a low/no budget group, so we borrow flats from high schools and redo them. Cheap, but not exactly quality work. We don't have money or time really for GOOD supports and braces. Just enough to keep the flat standing. If that.
Well, we had this one flat that kept falling forward every time someone opened the door. Solution?
My patented "ghetto-rigging."

(Yes, that's MY Jew-Nose you see in the edge there)

Essentially, it's twine around the door frame attatched to the wall. The finished ghetto-rigging is much sturdier and thicker looking than in the above picture of me just STARTING the ghetto-rigging. Perhaps a picture of it later. Anyhow, that flat isn't going to be falling ANYWHERE anytime soon.

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