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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Forget reaching for the stars... Step on them!

I was reading Johnny DC's blog and he mentioned Life Aquatic which reminded me of the time I met Bill Murray. I was at a Cirque Du Soleil show in NY, celebrating the birthday of one of my best friend's (and future flatmate's), Margo. (As a side note, CdS makes me all tingly in my naughty parts, I love it so much.) Anyhoos, we were about to leave and as per my tradition, I was gonna buy a program as a souvenir.
WELL, I walk up to the stand in a bit of a rush as not to hold the party up and accidentally step on the foot of this guy. I look up to apologize and lo and behold, it was Bill Murray. As a side note, that man has NOT aged well.
Anyhow, aside from my foot assault, it stops being interesting there. I don't gush, just make small talk, like "Did you enjoy the show?" while we waited for our stuff and then walked off.
And that was my story in all it's anti-climatic glory.

Also, two plugs.
One, for a blog. Most blogs I want to plug, I just slip them into the post somewhere. However, this woman's blog, in just the mere week she's been writing, is far more interesting, witty, and enjoyable than most blogs I have ever read, bless her heart. GO, check out Chase-ing Random Thoughts. Not only is her writing style, littered with pictures and points absolutely fabulous, she as a person, or at least, from the amounts I have picked up from her blog and bio, is so so so cool. Anyone who watches Food Network and Family Guy is A-OK in my book.

A second plug- Foucalt's Pendulum. If you read the Da Vinci Code and found it interesting, but not challenging, go read this book by Umberto Eco. It's vocabulary far exceeds Dan Brown's work as well as the writing style. It's witty, intelligent, and mad interesting. Go for it.

Blogger Johnny said...

i sometimes think of interesting things i would grill people about but im pretty sure i would draw a complete blank when face to face.

10:27 PM  

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