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Friday, July 29, 2005

Good Goumet

I was asked by an awesome friend of mine to teach her to cook. This is in addittion to about 4 other people, so far. Therefore, the logical step for me is to teach a small cooking class.
And I am SO excited.
I think I'm going to do something simple, the first time around, like French Scrambled Eggs to see where the basic cooking skills are at. Then we'll start with Italian cuisine I guess- lasagna rolls, ravioli, then gnocchi. Maybe move on the Greek cuisine after that, then French after that. Do a class or two on Jewish cuisine and on Mid-Eastern.
I'm so excited to teach it. People need to learn, because I found out that you can't really assume someone has cooking skills. I figured it out after some certain someones had to be told the reason why we let water come to a boil FIRST before putting in the pasta and why raising the oven temperature has more consequence than "baking faster."
Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

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